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The following educational information about high speed CNC milling controls is provided free online as a service to you. These articles are primarily non-commercial in content, but be warned! The more you know about CNC controls, the more you will want the Creative Evolution CNC.

Video Resources

Learn the ins and outs of MQL, also referred to as Near Dry machining or NDM.

This video shows the important relationship of productivity with the cutter L:D ratio (length to diameter)

Do the math for the finish you need in the shortest time. Learn how to get the results you are looking for ASAP.

Selections from Newsletters

Learn more about the many high speed spindle choices available on the Creative Evolution CNC machines.

Machines and controls are just a small part of the package at Creative Evolution. See how we combine those with ongoing education, tooling, and service to give you a long-term competitive advantage.

Your machines can run 168 hours a week to improve your bottom line. See how one bottle mold manufacturer keeps productivity up and costs down using the Creative Evolution CNC with automatic pallet changers.

A customer tells about their transition to high speed machining and tooling with the Creative Evolution CNC.

This innovative technique for mold construction can improve your quality and bottom line while providing your customers a better tool.


As featured at: MoldMaking Expo 2002 (April 2002)

As featured at: AMBA National Conference and Convention (March 1999)

As featured at: Southeastern Mighigan AMBA (August 1995)

Case Studies

(April, 2009)

Mantz Automation uses a System 3R Workmaster robot with Creative Evolution HSD-500 and HSD-820 high speed electrode mills for over 7,000 hours per machine productivity.

(March, 2008)

The Creative Evolution HSD-500 is "A Machine that Cuts Carbon and Hard Steel at 60% the Cost of Other Machines."

(September, 2006)

Creative Evolution "High-Speed Machines Deliver Speed, Accuracy, Repeatability and Finish."

(February 1998)

Chipsco Mold's implementation of Haas Evolution CNCs.

Sagittarius Mold's implementation of Makino FNC128 with Creative Evolution CNC and WorkNC shop floor programming.

Magazine Articles

As featured in: Modern Machine Shop Magazine (January 1996)

This article set the stage for elimination of DNC and the eventual integration of Direct CNC Networking in controls throughout the industry.

As featured in: Modern Machine Shop Magazine (March 1996)

This was the first concise explanation of look ahead for complex 3, 4, and 5 axis contouring as high speed was evolving.

As featured at: SME High Speed Machining Conference (May 1996 in Chicago, IL)

As featured at: IMTS-96 opening day (September 1996 in Chicago, IL)

As featured in: Modern Machine Shop Magazine (October 1996)

This article was the first to tie together the key concepts of controls for high speed milling in an understandable format.

As featured in: Modern Machine Shop Magazine (February 1997)

A case study of Pro Mold & Die's implementation of high speed machining for electrodes, and their process changes to leverage more than just the high production and accuracy of newfound productivity.

As featured at: SME and AMBA Joint Presentation

This technical paper was written to compliment a presentation given for the SME and AMBA to promote shop floor programming as a means to more efficient workflow in mold and die shops.

As featured at: Mold Making Expo 2001

A discussion of the "hot zone," the range of feedrates where profits are really made. Many key concepts of high speed are discussed, as well as the fallacy of high rapid rates vs. high sustained feed rates.

As featured in: Tooling & Production Magazine (May 1998)

This article describes Reddog Industries beginnings into high speed machining with two Haas Evolution CNC machining centers. Reddog's parent company now boasts 22 spindles through 3 divisions.