CNC Control Features

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Highlights of
Version 3.0

One of the cornerstone features of the Creative Evolution CNC has been the update-ability of the control software. We continue to offer improvements and innovations. New features include:

    • Macro programs for easy operator programming of everyday layout functions like facing, squaring, pocketing, and holes
    • Data filtering for more efficient roughing operations
    • Thermal compensation sensing, for ultra-high accuracy
    • Fully automated laser tool probing
    • User-defined commands for custom user functions
    • Automatic home and offset center-finder

All Creative Evolution CNC users can update to the
latest control software and enjoy the latest features and performance.


Programming Features

    • Cartesian Programming by G0, G1, G2, G3.
    • Helical contouring, even with 4 and 5 axis moves.
    • Polar coordinate programming.
    • Spherical coordinate programming.
    • World coordinate programming.
    • Combined absolute/incremental programming.
    • Scale Factors, independent 5 axis.
    • Mirror image function, 5 axis.
    • Part and data rotation.
    • Axis swapping.
    • Dynamic zero shift on-the-fly.
    • Z axis retract limit.
    • Z axis milling depth limit.
    • Part cropping, workzone limits, part windowing.
    • Drilling, boring, and tapping canned cycles.
    • IMG 0743Rectangular and circular pocket milling cycles.
    • 2-D cutter compensation with look-ahead to 20 blocks.
    • Unlimited program length capacity.
    • Program jumps.
    • Program subroutines, nesting to 10 levels.
    • Program loops, nesting to 10 levels.
    • Remote file calls.
    • Rapid traverse relative to reference positions.
    • Switchable plane contouring.
    • Dynamic unlimited look-ahead ( geometric intelligence ).
    • Graphic verification on-board.
    • Mid-File start and end.
    • Parametric programming.
    • Calculation parenthesis to 10 levels deep.

Communications Features

    • DCN ( Direct CNC Networking ) support.
    • Network interface card.
    • Network client software for Microsoft Windows, 2007, Server 2008, and TCP/IP.


Machine Support Features

    • 4th and 5th axis software support.
    • Gantry machine support ( synchronous dual-motor axes ).
    • Backlash compensation.
    • Leadscrew pitch error compensation.
    • Graphical drive tuning.
    • I/O diagnostics.

Utility Features

    • Operations log files.
    • 2-D cutter compensation utility with look-ahead to 997 blocks.
    • APT to ISO format translator ( post-processor ).
    • Integer file format support.


Operator Conveniences

    • Program assistant for interactive help.
    • DOS Shell capability.
    • File management utilities.
    • 99 fixture offsets.
    • 99 tool length, radius and diameter offsets.
    • Jog-return function allows interruption of operation, manual functions, and resume of automatic operation.
    • MDI ( Manual Data Input ) mode for input and immediate execution of single program lines.
    • Automatic screen saver.
    • English/Metric switching.
    • Teach-mode ( automatic position input ).

Optional Features

    • All software features are included standard.
    • Full spindle, gear change, and toolchanger support.
    • Interfacing of 4, 5, gantry axis support.
    • Processor PC option adds additional multi-tasking support for background editing, programming, CAD/CAM, real-time milling, etc.