CNC Retrofits

General Information

IMG 0766The Creative Evolution CNC takes many forms. It can be configured as the sole control on a complex 5 axis machining center, or it can co-exist as one of two or three controls on a CNC tracing mill. It can improve the productivity of virtually any CNC milling machine from a small benchtop mill to large vertical mills like the Droop & Rein and Pratt & Whitney Wolverine, to large horizontal boring mills like Lucas and Giddings & Lewis machines. While the Creative Evolution is best known for its high performance in complex 3, 4, and 5 axis contours, the Creative Evolution also extends the life of every machine by running it more smoothly with our unequalled look ahead feature. The drive system is tuned with computerized graphical routines to optimize performance and train the control for each individual machine's specific capabilities. Each machine's performance is maximized yet the machine is never "jerked." The end result is accurate parts in less time, with less stress on your machine.

 IMG 0739Configuration Options

Some of the configuration options we offer include:

  • Linear positioning or contouring 4th axis
  • Rotary positioning or contouring 4th axis
  • Tilting rotary 4th and 5th axes (trunnion tables)
  • Nutating head (4th and 5th axis)
  • 3+2 axis (3 axis simultaneous with 2 axis positioning)
  • 4 axis simultaneous contouring
  • 5 axis simultaneous contouring
  • Linear motors
  • Direct drive hollow-shaft rotary 4th axis
  • Analog velocity command or torque command
  • Sinusoidal digital command
  • PWM digital command
  • Encoder, resolver, Inductosyn, and glass scale axis feedback
  • Laser and touch probes for tool offsets
  • Touch probes for part setup automation
  • Dual hand control and dual control console stations
  • Co-exist with other CNC and/or tracer/digitizing controls

Typical Applications

Since its inception in 1992, nearly one thousand Creative Evolution CNC control retrofits are running around the world, in North and Central America, Europe, and Asia, including Australia and New Zealand. Most clients install several after seeing the vast improvement in productivity and machine performance.

While the Creative Evolution CNC is widely used in the manufacture of molds, dies, and prototypes, it is also used in aerospace, technology, micromachining, and medical applications, products that affect us in everyday modern life.

It is true that our favorite machine is a new machine, since we can choose its components and participate in the design and implementation of the entire control system. Still, a retrofit may be the best means to making a hybrid machine that fits your needs best, a machine that meets your specifications and your budget.

Retrofit Experience

IMG 0721

We have experience with machines and controls of all types. Following is a listing showing many of the machines on which we have installed Creative Evolution CNC's.

Haas, Fadal, Hurco, MHP, Sharnoa, MHP, Okada, Heidenhain, Dynapath, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Yasnac, Tree, Makino, Mazak, Leadwell, Kitamura, OKK, Heyligenstadt, Klink, Deckel, Droop & Rein, Phoenix, Kearney & Trecker, Maho, Sajo, Toshiba, Tarus, Ooya, Enshu, Toyoda, N/C Systems, Yoneda, mho, Canton, Cincinnati, Okuma & Howa, Kitamura, Monarch, Zayre, Wells Index, Matsuura, Rambaudi, Rockford, Thermwood, Pratt & Whitney, Mitsui Seiki, Lucas, G & L, SNK, Hitachi Seiki, Rigid, Oerlikon, Hamma, Enshu, Mori Seiki, Morton, Ingersoll

Retrofit Service

In addition to Creative Evolution factory installations, Creative Evolution has  worked with a number of independent retrofitters. Creative Evolution team members distinguish themselves by their expertise, knowledge, and commitment to support, train and service their customers.