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Whether you already own a machine or need a new one, the Creative Evolution CNC can help you achieve the productivity you want and need. Designed for the ultimate performance in three, four, and five-axis contour milling, the Creative Evolution CNC handles your data more efficiently, and accelerates more smoothly to get the most out of every minute, every day.

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Geonics Inc. offers you a wide range of new high speed machines for small and medium-sized parts. Or your existing machine, most any size, make, or model can be updated with a new Creative Evolution CNC, adding productivity and a level of performance only unthinkable in the past.

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Your three axis CNC can provide you with full four or five axis contour milling when re-fit with a Creative Evolution CNC and the appropriate accessory table.

The Creative Evolution CNC is fully supported with top-notch service. Before the first sale, our service and expertise shows in our understanding of your applicaiton and the solutions we offer you. The quality of service is best gaged by our customers. Most of our customers buy additional machines once they see the performance the Creative Evolution CNC offers and the support behind it.