MARCH 2013 – TIMTOS Machine Show

George and Ken at Timtos 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

Geonics, Inc. attended the 2013 Taiwan TIMTOS machine show located in Taipei, Taiwan! Our presence at the tool show served many purposes and was primarily to support our machine factory. During this visit, we took the opportunity to investigate new machine tool technologies and speak with machine builders about machine models that could be added to our lineup. We are preparing to test some new models to ensure the machining centers can meet our requirements!


April 2013 - The new HSD-575

HSD 575 2

Geonics, Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of our newest machine model. The HSD-575 high speed machining center is the perfect machining center for both graphite and hard metal machining. The HSD-575 is a fast and dynamic bridge style machining center with approximate travels of X=20”, Y=30” and Z=14”. The HSD-575 uses our new Cells-Tec HSK-40E 10HP spindle and has an enclosed 24 station carousel tool changer. Call our office and speak with a representative for more information!



archive - July, 2012 - Planning IMTS-2012 Open House

To coincide with IMTS-2012 being held September 10-15, 2012, Geonics Inc. will be hosting an open house at its facility in Elgin, IL. New HSD-500 and FMC-1370 high performance machines will be on display running parts. A demonstration of complex simultaneous five-axis contour milling is planned for the FMC-1370, utilizing a new tilting rotary table.  Hours will be 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and special times can be arranged on request. Call 847-608-0700 to make your plans now.

archive - January 2010 - 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling On Display

To welcome 2010 in our new facility, we are now demonstrating full simultaneous 5-axis milling on our FMC-1060 "Faster Machining Center" with Tsudakoma TN200 tilt/rotary table. For our demonstration, we are using a complex pump impeller used in aerospace applications. Simultaneous 5-axis milling is a powerful demonstration of the Creative Evolution CNC's power, smoothly navigating complex shapes at high speed. 5-Axis is just one of the many advanced capabilities that is standard on the Creative Evolution CNC.

archive - September 2009 - We've moved!

September 28, 2009, Geonics Inc. opened its new facility in South Elgin, Illinois. Our new office is laid out to provide better training space. Our warehouse and factory is better organized for service and machine performance demonstrations. Come visit our new facility soon to see the latest developments in the Creative Evolution CNC.

634 Schneider Dr.
South Elgin, IL 60177
Phone 847.608.0700

archive - May 2008 - Mantz Automation featured in 3Review

System 3R recently featured Mantz Automation, based in Hartford, Wisconsin, for their impressive integration of a Workmaster robot with two Creative Evolution high speed machines. The robot, with one programmer and one operator keep these hungry machines each milling over 7,000 hours per year to feed seven large EDM sinkers.

3Review Feature on Mantz Automation

archive - Software Developments, September 2008

One of the Creative Evolution CNC's most important features is its update-ability, the fact that the control continues to evolve with the latest CNC technology as Creative and the entire industry continue to develop. Now more than ever it is important to get the latest technology without getting poor doing it. Since its introduction in 1993, the Creative Evolution CNC has provided our customers proven performance and ongoing software development.

Recent feature enhancements include a new center-finding routine that makes setups a snap. Touch one side of the part and key in its position, touch the other side and by a single character input, you can tell the control that the center of those points is your desired location. Simple! This is a software-only function that does not require any hardware updates.

Did you know your Creative Evolution CNC has optional stop skip? Check out M-1 in your manual for an explanation. With a software update and service visit, your control can be updated to provide hardware optional stop skip as well. This can provide you safer unattended operations by allowing your operators to walk away with the machine running, and automatically stop at M1 or tool change commands or continue right past them automatically when they are confident all is well for unattended operation.

To make part setup even simpler, part probe functions have been improved with an easier user interface. The new Blum TC-52 probes have shown the ability to work consistently to +/-.0002" automatically.

Tool setup is virtually a thing of the past with Blum's Micro Laser NT and Creative's latest software. Simply put your tools in the carousel and use them. One command can automatically tool change, probe, and even warm up the spindle for your ultra-precision work. Tools down to .004" diameter can be set up automatically. Laser tool setting reduces tool wear and breakage during setup, and provides better, more accurate parts, with less mismatch.

Tool checking is a standard function with laser tool probing. Your CAD/CAM post processor and programs can be set to automatically check your tools after use to ensure they didn't break before going on to the next step. This allows confident unattended operations and can stretch your productivity.

archive - May 2008 Deep Hole Drilling

Deep hole drilling without through spindle coolant is no problem. OSG Tap & Die (Glendale Heights, IL) has introduced the new Helios drills that will go up to 20 times drill diameter in depth without pecking using standard flood coolant, even in prehardened steel alloys.

archive - Sept 2001 Defiance Innovations R.I.P.

defiance logo

Defiance Innovations, originally set up as Defiance Machine and Tool, equipped many machines with Creative Evolution CNC controls. Defiance closed their doors for business August, 2001. The Defiance VTX, DMC, and HS-12 models used commercially available parts and components, so most parts are easily replaced. Call with any special needs and we will try to assist. In all cases, we offer complete service and training on our product, the Creative Evolution CNC control. New Defiance machines are no longer built and we are not aware of any plans to resume their manufacture.