About Us

Since 1980, the Creative name has meant faster milling of complex 3-D shapes with 3, 4, and 5 axes simultaneous contouring.

In machine tools, the CREATIVE name was born in 1980 from a vision of change for the future of machine tools and an unwillingness to accept the status quo. In its early yearsThe Creative Evolution CNC, conceived in 1992 and introduced early in 1993, was an early entry in the field of high-speed, open architecture CNC. The Creative Evolution CNC was designed specifically for high-performance  for the skilled trades of complex 3-D contouring for molds, dies and prototype models.

Founded in 1980 by Todd Schuett, Creative first promoted the Sharnoa CNC and its unique abilities to be programmed "parametrically" for complex contours before CAD/CAM could be effectively or economically implemented. From the beginning, Creative provided sales and complete service for all its products, including comprehensive applications engineering. Creative installed our first simultaneous five-axis CNC in 1986 to prototype and fabricate sophistocated fuel-pump impellers and other complex contours for high performance aircraft and space vehicles.

In 1988, George Nicoloff joined the firm, adding advanced programming, consulting, and custom software capabilities. Our introduction of the Lemoine system for digitizing and subsequent innovation of online cutterpathing and "Real Time Machining" furthered the industry's agility with the evolving CNC technology. Creative's development of new methods for training mold, die, and pattern makers in how to use control capabilities was pivotal to profitability for early entrants to the market of CNC for 3-D, as well as simultaneous 4 and 5 axis.

The 1993 introduction of the Creative Evolution CNC control continued the company’s and the industry’s evolution with a PC-based CNC control, built on all commercially available compenents. Core priorities were defined as high performance, computer networking, industry standard architecture, and software update-ability. Since its introduction, the Creative Evolution CNC has been promoted as "Simply the Best" in CNC milling controls, the culmination of our many years experience as leading specialists in the industry.

In 2001, the company, originally known as Creative Machinery Sales and later as Creative Technology Corporation, began its second generation and was reorganized under the leadership of the control's developer, George Nicoloff. His wealth of experience in machine tool design, mechanics, electronics, and software, combined with with extensive experience programming complex parts for molds and dies, gives Geonics Inc and users of the Creative Evolution CNC a unique advantage. Son Ken Nicoloff, a degreed mechanical engineer from Northern Illinois University, is poised to carry on the Creative tradition of excellence with both a formal education and a wealth of experience in all aspects of the business.

Creative Evolution uses the term "Look Ahead" to describe the way our CNC controls handle high-feed milling of irregular shapes. Creative Evolution CNC controls "look ahead" to adjust feed rates for required tool path redirection, yet they slow down the machine only as much as required, to ensure maximum productivity. While other controls cause machines to break tools or produce out of tolerance parts, Creative Evolution CNC controls handle the most difficult twists and turns at the highest speeds.

The word EVOLUTION is a central focal point for the company, representing the ongoing change and the need for change to stay competitive in today's global marketplace. The Creative Evolution CNC was born from a need for change, to empower CNC users worldwide to update control features and capabilities without a need for retrofit or replacement. Creative's "open systems architecture" based on common industry standard PC's ensures that legacy. Even the first prototype Creative Evolution CNC controls can and do run the latest versions of software.

The Creative Evolution CNC is featured as standard equipment on all Creative Evolution high performance machining centers and is also available as a retrofit to enhance productivity on most all popular CNC mills and machining centers. Creative Evolution machines are sold throughout the world. Trade names outside North America include "Strathclyde," "Premier," and "Fine Tech."

Creative Evolution CNC. Performance and quality you can count on.